A downloadable game for Windows

Game developed in 48 hours for the first GMTK game jam based around the theme of dual purpose design.

Crawl through an introduction level using an attack dash and a spell to convert enemies into blocks.
Developed by 
Linus Asplund - Art
Mattias persson - scripting, boss design.

Yun-Shou Cheng - player controller and general scripting.
Michael Reeve - level design and scripting.

Only runs on Windows X64

Install instructions

Unrar and run the exe file!


Dungeorai_GameJam_48Hours.rar 98 MB


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Quite a fun game, but I feel that when you attack the enemies, the hits don't feel that strong. They feel much lighter than what I'd imagine they should be like. The interactions between the fire and ice are actually quite cool and well thought out as a lot was done with those 2 ideas. The game's style and aesthetic is quite impressive for a short time period. Overall, I really liked this game, Good work!

Thank you for the kind words! The hits on enemies lacking impact is definitely something that could be fixed, but with this being a 48 hour game jam, fine-tuning that is easily classified as a luxury addition we did not have the time for.

Aye, I agree. Still very fun and cool game though!

Wow! I like the game style and idea of the interactions between fire and ice. Good luck to the developers!

Thank you very much (I am Yun-Shou Cheng). We couldn't completely finish our game in time unfortunately, but it was a enjoyable experience nevertheless!

I know who you are Kree ;D
Nah, game is playable, so It could be said that you finish it!

Yeah, I only just noticed that you were Hive Steven from the stream haha. Anyways thank you so much for following our progress throughout this game jam. Your support is very much appreciated :D

I just tried to be  useful somehow. I was glad to meet you all guys. To the next year I guess :)